As natural gas production rapidly increases across the U.S., its associated pollution has reached the stage where it is contaminating essential life support systems - water, air, and soil - and causing harm to the health of humans, wildlife, domestic animals, and vegetation.  This project was designed to explore the health effects of products and chemicals used in drilling, fracturing (frac’ing, or stimulation), recovery and delivery of natural gas. It provides a glimpse at the pattern(s) of possible health hazards posed by the chemicals being used. There are hundreds of products in current use, the components of which are, in many cases, unavailable for public scrutiny and for which we have information only on a small percentage. We therefore make no claim that our list is complete.

Dr. Colborn has delivered her talk "What You Need to Know About Natural Gas Production" many times across the country. It has educated and motivated individuals nationwide to organize and address the environmental and health issues raised by natural gas operations. She calls for full public disclosure of all chemicals used during drilling and fracturing and raises the issues of ground-level ozone and air pollution that have been almost completely ignored.