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Even if you don't sign a lease to drill - know that leasing away any part of your land for any reason such as 'just a little corner for a pipeline' can be a costly real estate mistake!


Landowners ordered to allow natural gas company on property

By Liz Zemba
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In addition to refusing to comply with the 2005 Atlas lease, the Andens declined an offer to enter into a new lease with LMM, according to the lawsuit. The Andens' refusal to allow LMM onto their property is costing LMM $2,500 daily as construction crews "sit idle," according to LMM's lawsuit.

Contacted yesterday by phone, Emery Anden indicated he has never physically stopped Atlas or LMM from accessing his property.

"I never resisted them from coming onto the property to begin with," said Emery Anden, who is representing himself in the lawsuit. "My only problem is, I had several acres I was going to sell, for several hundred thousand dollars, but when the people found out there would be a 20-inch pipeline right next to where they wanted to build a house, the deal fell through."

Anden, 76, said LMM's proposed new lease would have paid him $20 per linear foot of pipeline, but he refused to sign it. He said he declined the offer because LMM is not willing to pay him $50,000 to compensate for the lost real estate sale.

"I just want reasonable compensation for my losses," Anden said.

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