Gas Company / Landman asking you to sign a lease?

STOP.  Do not sign anything!  This is a legally binding contract that requires an attorney to first review to protect your rights.

DROP.. By your neighbors & see what they are being told.  These reps are like many others in  sales who may try to rush you or even trick you to sign up.  Add your experience and read that of others on MIT's website

ROLL ...  Out Information. Do your homework as a group and make informed decisions together. A well requires at least 20 acres of property. A gas/oil well is an industrial operation which can have property value and/or health affects on citizens up to 3000 ft from the site.

Getting Started

1. Find Out The Record of the Company in Question:  Ask for the list of the company's violations from: Beth Wilson  at the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources Management: 

 or (614) 265-6373


2. Start Reading / Researching:


Oil and Gas Well Drilling Terms You Need to Know

As you are speaking with a landman, or trying to research oil and gas wells, you may find terms that you are not familiar with.

Read this article to help...

Marcellus Shale terms you need to know

Or, click below to download a pdf.

Marcellus Shale terms you need to know.pdf Marcellus Shale terms you need to know.pdf
Size : 63.621 Kb
Type : pdf
OilGasIndustryExemptions.pdf OilGasIndustryExemptions.pdf
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Type : pdf
Property Value & Gas Well Studies.pdf Property Value & Gas Well Studies.pdf
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Health & Safety Considerations 

Hydrogen Sulfide Myths Debunked.doc Hydrogen Sulfide Myths Debunked.doc
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Pits.pdf Pits.pdf
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Airpollution.pdf Airpollution.pdf
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Oil and gas pollution.pdf Oil and gas pollution.pdf
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Fracking.pdf Fracking.pdf
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Headlines from Northeast Ohio 3.doc Headlines from Northeast Ohio 3.doc
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Federal Help:

US EPA Information (Air)

Bill Just Introduced (Water)

FRAC ACT -To Regualte Hydraulic Fracturing Under SDWA

Air Aggregation Letter[1].pdf Air Aggregation Letter[1].pdf
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Fed Bill SDWA Factsheet.pdf Fed Bill SDWA Factsheet.pdf
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FS_SDWA should Cover Fracking.pdf FS_SDWA should Cover Fracking.pdf
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FRAC-Act-letter.pdf FRAC-Act-letter.pdf
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Information on MIT Partnership

MIT Website for Natural Gas.pdf MIT Website for Natural Gas.pdf
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State of Ohio Brine Composition Analysis

shows more than 'salty water'

OhioBrine1.pdf OhioBrine1.pdf
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OhioBrine2.pdf OhioBrine2.pdf
Size : 9.68 Kb
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OhioBrine3.pdf OhioBrine3.pdf
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OhioBrine4.pdf OhioBrine4.pdf
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 About Us

NEOGAP (Northeast Ohio Gas Accountability Project) is a project that formed after several founding members came together as a result of the negative impacts of gas drilling operations in our neighborhoods from 2006 to present.

In 2004 legislation was passed which placed sole permitting/regulating authority in the hands of one state department (ODNR). Despite much opposition from citizens and local leaders 98% of permits have been approved in the last 5 years without regard to zoning ordinances resulting in 1000's of wells placed in highly inappropriate areas such as 100 ft from residences and schools. Our ultimate goal is to improve the gas/oil law in Ohio to restore consideration to public safety, but along the way we are finding it equally important to educate and unite citizens and municipalities.